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Wide Range of Computers and Accessories To Choose From

Thinking Tools Inc offers wide variety of desktop computers, laptops, computer parts, network/LAN devices, printers, mobile phones, tablets and more.

If you are looking for specific model or item, please contact one of our branches. Our friendly staff are waiting to assist you.

You many also send your inquiry via Facebook Messenger or thru our Contact Us Page.


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    Desktop/AIO Computers

    Desktop computer and all-in-one computer packages.

  • laptop-supplier-cebu


    Notebooks for professionals, businessmen, students and gamers.

  • computer-monitor-shop-cebu


    High-quality computer monitors from top brands.

  • printers-supplier-cebu


    Choose from wide range of printers for home and office use.

  • hard drive storage device shop cebu


    From MicroSD to Solid State Drives.

  • router switches it network lan devices store cebu


    Router, switch, hub, Wi-Fi Dongle.

  • desktop laptop parts components shop cebu


    Motherboard, Processor, Video Card, RAM and more.

  • desktop computer speakers accessories cebu 2


    Desktop speakers and audio accessories.

  • cellphone tablet ipad android shop cebu


    Android and iOS phones and tablets.

  • computer accessories shop cebu


    Keyboard, mouse and other computer accessories.

  • computer ups battery shop cebu


    Uninterrupted Power Supply for desktop computers. 

  • computer software os shop cebu


    Windows OS, MS Office and security software.